At Hovey’s Knives of China we, as a company and by collaboration with independent knife makers and other companies, seek to return some proven ancient designs of cooking knives from China and other countries to modern use. Some patterns underwent thousands of years of evolution, but were replaced in modern use by steel knives of European and Japanese designs. By drawing inspiration from these time-tested designs and making them of modern materials, we have derived some cutlery implements that perform as well or better than present cooking knives, and reconnect cooks with ancient culinary artists who worked in a highly cultured society before the rise of the Roman Empire.

Through blogs and videos, we will introduce more than a dozen patterns of these knifes that will be custom made in Sandersville, Georgia, as Signature Knives. These are custom order knives and made under the direction of  Bladesmith Paul Hjort. All of the knife patterns are designed by Hovey Smith, based on research in China and throughout the world. This included two trips to China and examination of Chinese knives  in public and private collections throughout the United States.

Hovey is well known in the knife community  for writing for the Krause knife publication Annuals, the magazine Knife World as well as reporting  from the Atlanta Blade Show. He was a former Senior Writer for the magazine Guns and Gear and is currently a Corresponding Editor for the Gun Digest Annual. He has also authored over 15 books  and E-books, with many of his books featuring chapters on knifes. He has custom-designed knives, that have been made in the U.S. and Asia, and worked on forged blades with Master Bladesmith Murray Carter.  Carter is well known as a maker of authentic Japanese knives of traditional patterns and apprenticed in Japan.

Besides being an author, Hovey is a Professional Geologist who holds degrees from the University of Georgia and the University of Alaska. He is the former host of two radio shows, of which the best known is Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures which still may be heard on WebTalkRadio.net. He is a prolific producer of YouTube videos with over 500 on line at present. He also does stand-up comedy and lectures to international groups on business and environmental topics.