The Small Fruit and Utility Knife

Feeding one’s family and friends should be more than putting out safe, eatable food. After all, we do as much when we slop hogs. Fixing and eating meals should bring pleasure to both the person preparing the food with love and care and to the person who is consuming it with appreciation and grace. Hovey’s Knives of China’s™ newest prototype knife is the Small Fruit and Utility knife that is designed for the typical homemaker (whoever she or he might be) and Professional Caterers.

Typical of  many of Hovey’s Knives of China,™ products, this knife has an oval-ring grip; but this grip is straight and smaller that the other knives introduced thus far. The knife is designed for smaller individuals for general uses in the kitchen, such as cutting small fruits and vegetables. A larger utility knife will be introduced in the near future. The Small Utility knife is suited for light-duty use as shown in the video below where it helps to prepare an inexpensive breakfast in 15 minutes that includes home-cooked oatmeal, eggs, toast, fruit, nuts and coffee.


In the hand the Small Fruit and Utility  Knife has a desirable degree of weight and heft that gives a sense of power to the user that is not present with light-weight knives. The knife is eminently controllable and do precisely as directed without fear of the blade bending under pressure. Its sharp straight edge makes for efficient chopping on flat surfaces and much cleaner cuts that with serrated-edged blades. These cleaner cuts mean smaller amounts of fluids are lost from plant or animal tissues and any mix remains drier as a result.

In addition to home use, this knife might also be called the Caterers’ Friend, because this is a safe, versatile knife that can be taken to an event that is so distinctive that it cannot possibly be confused with anyone else’s knife, has a squared-off point as to be as safe as any useful knife might be and this point is also useful for spreading condiments or prepared mixes of any sort. This knife makes an ideal gift to present to a caterer after a successful event or as recognition of the excellent quality of the service that has been rendered by any cook. Ultimately, this knife will also be available in a presentation box.

The original bronze knives which inspired me to design this line of modern cooking knives were last in common use before the rise of Imperial Rome. Then, Chinese civilization was very highly developed and cooking methods and traditions enabled by the unique designs of these knifes can now be re-imagined and rediscovered. The strongly scooped points enable the user to guide the point by grasping the front of the knife with his fingers  with extreme precision compared with conventional European or Japanese knives.  This is true even if the point is cut-off square instead of being sharply pointed.

These knives that I design and sell under the Hovey’s Knives of China™ brand are Open Source Designs in that they may be made by any knife maker or company. I will allow my name and trademark to be used in connection with these knives for 5% of the retail price. In return, if the maker will send me samples and they are up to quality standards, I will feature them on my blogs and videos and display them when I attend trade shows. These knives will make their first appearance at The International Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta June 3-5. I will be at booth 16 U. If things go as planned, I will have blanks of some patterns that are water-jet cut from T-410 steel for sale to individual makers. Bulk orders may also be placed by companies which will be drop shipped from the fabricator in Atlanta.

For more information about these knives or to discuss partnership arrangements for fabricating metal and wooden accessories, contact me at

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