A new YouTube Channel, Hovey’s Knives of China™, has been started to contain videos about these knives, how to make them, their uses and other information designed to help modern cooks and chefs better understand the uses of these ancient, but effective, knives. The first four videos posted are also available on Hovey Hunts, another of my Channels, and Pinterest. New  videos about the knife-making process will be posted on the new Channel as well as those related to the company, promotions, job openings etc.

The new channel now has four of the previously published videos showing uses of  the Bock Choy  and Cabbage and Duck choppers. You may see one of the videos and access the channel by viewing the following video: https://youtu.be/NxmeoZKK5yw which shows both of these knives in use during my making of an  cold slaw.
A video of the first knife to be made, the Bok Choy Chopper, appears below:



The Bok Choy will be available as a custom Signature knife made by Bladesmith Paul Hjort in Central Georgia. Available options include the style of grind on the blade, handle material and type of point.  The edge may be double ground or single ground in either right-or-left-handed versions. The point may be truncated (square) or pencil pointed as is the demonstration knife. Several varieties of wood or composition grips will be offered, depending on their availability at the time of order.

While the signature knives will be made exclusively in Georgia, these are open-source designs, meaning that anyone or any company may make them. If you wish to use my name or trademark in association with these, I will license that use for 5% of the retail price, publicize them on this blog and other places and display them at my table at the Annual Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. This year’s show will be June 3-5, and I will have Table 16 U.  I will also have steel water-jet-cut  blanks of a number of my patterns for individual or company sales. Payment may be in cash, check or Company P.O.

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